Who is this course for?

Is this course for me?.

Do you feel like you want to add more zest to your work life enjoyment?

Do you want to be more valued in your role?

The essential consulting skills for veterinary nurses CPD course will provide you with the key skill-set to set up your own nursing consult clinics and empower you with the knowledge to run successful clinics.

As a veterinary nurse working within schedule 3, you should be aware of the limits and responsibilities that you are able to complete within the legal framework.

There is significant evidence that a happier workplace is linked to the full utilisation of the veterinary nurse and the skills that we have been provided with during our training and experience.

This course aims to start right back at the basics of the role of the veterinary nurse including a significant focus on communication and the importance of this when ensuring client satisfaction.

This course will provide you with confidence in your own ability and provide your practice with a confident consulting veterinary nurse.

You also have a series of short tasks and activities to submit, which the tutor will mark and offer feedback on. Ensuring that you feel as confident as you can be when running successful nursing clinics in practice.

What will I Learn?

This Course has 3 modules of content and this is a brief overview of what you will learn

  • The Role of the RVN in Veterinary Practice

  • Key Qualities needed for the Consulting Vet Nurse

  • Impact of Communication Methods and Styles

  • Barriers to Communication and how to overcome them

  • Effective Listening Skills

  • Reflective Practice for Veterinary Nurses

  • Setting up, Prepping and common equipment needed to run a Nurse Clinic

  • Selecting appropriate clients and advertising your clinic

  • Completing the Consultation using the Cambridge-Calgary Consulting model

  • Key consulting tips and evidence based veterinary medicine (EBVM)

As we start to invite clients back into the practice, after a long period of restrictions, now is the time to brush up on those consulting skills.

The benefit of nurse consulting comes from the relaxed and open communication format that makes clients feel that they can discuss and ask questions that they may otherwise not feel comfortable asking the vet.

As we start to invite clients back into the practice, after a long period of restrictions, now is the time to brush up on those consulting skills and maybe look at your niche consulting subjects and start to re educate pet owners and bring in some additional revenue for your practice.

A nurse with enthusiasm for helping and educating clients is ideal for this position as this will bring the added benefits of building client trust. This means that when the nurse promotes a product or service that will benefit the owner or pet, the client is more likely to make a purchase.

Communication skills are one of the biggest elements to consulting – not necessarily clinical knowledge.

While nurses have had a lot of experience interacting with clients over the reception desk, in kennels or over the telephone, this is very different to opening a door, inviting in a client and directing the consultation.

So, lets get you started and fully armed with the right knowledge and understanding to run successful and highly enjoyable nurse consults, lets promote it and stop clients looking elsewhere for preventive health care and even clinical advice.

How long is this course and do I get a certificate?

Upon completion of this 6-Hour on-demand CPD Course with full tutor support, you will receive a certificate to download and keep for your records.

This course comes with a comprehensive course workbook, interactive activities to complete and submit to the course tutor, for feedback and assistance.

Completion of the tasks is necessary to release your CPD accredited certificate for 6 Hours/Credits.

This course comes with lifetime access, so no stressful deadlines.

Instructor Bio:


Victoria Bowes

I have been working in the animal care and veterinary nursing industry since 1997. I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2003. I became the nurse training manager in my general veterinary practice and had the opportunity to support various students through their nurse training. I also started working for Vets now as a senior emergency nurse. I have a specific interest in evolving the role of the veterinary nurse, weight management and emergency veterinary nursing. I have been working for WCG as a veterinary nursing course manager since 2007. With this role I hope to impart my passion for veterinary nursing and the importance of supporting clients as you would be wanted to yourself. I work as the external examiner for veterinary nursing at Vet skill and Wrexham Glyndwr University. This alongside my role as examiner for the RCVS allows me to examine and support the next generation of veterinary nurses. I have been a featured author for Vet practice today and a focus article author for the VN times. This gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and hopefully encourage others to seek a healthy and happy work life balance.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Downloadable workbook

    • Downloadable Workbook

  • 2

    Module 1

    • Introduction

    • The role of the registered veterinary nurse in the veterinary practice

    • Evolution of the Veterinary Nurse, 20 Minute Task

    • The impact of communication and communication methods and styles; 10 Minute Task

    • Effective Communication

    • Communication Methods, 10 Minute Task.

    • Communication Styles

    • What are effective listening skills? 10 Minute Task

    • Reflection

    • Reflective 10 Minute Task

  • 3

    Module 2

    • Introduction

    • Setting up and preparing for the clinics

    • Possible Nursing Clinics, 5 Minute Task

    • Consult Your Clients

    • Equipment Needed, 5 / 10 Minute Task

    • Other Considerations

    • Reflection again.... 10 Minute Task

    • Selecting Appropriate Clients

    • Plan & Produce a Clinic Leaflet, 30 Minute Task

    • Getting Support for your Clinics

  • 4

    Module 3

    • Introduction

    • Completing the Consultation Effectively & Listening to the Client

    • Own the Consultation, 10 Minute Task

    • Useful Tips for Consultations

    • Summarising the Consultation, 15 Minute Task

    • 5 Stages to EBVM

    • Complete a PICO EBVM. 1 Hour Task

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