Who is this course for?

Is this course for me?

If you're a Veterinary Nurse and want to develop your skills and knowledge so that you can actively and confidently participate in all aspects of veterinary ultrasound. Then this is definitely the course for you.

Ultrasonography is an essential skill that can be life-saving, and guess what...FUN TOO!

I'm Camilla and I used to feel like you... A lack of awareness of ultrasound machines, unsure what probe to use, confused by poor images and worried about a limited knowledge of the numerous differential diagnoses.

Then after falling in love with ultrasound and enrolling on numerous ultrasound courses I decided to create online courses for vets and veterinary nurses to deepen and elevate their ultrasound knowledge and scanning confidence.

I want to encourage all veterinary nurses to get comfortable with the basics of ultrasound by providing this easy-to-access on-demand course, that includes relevant training that you can apply immediately at work so that you can actively and confidently participate in all aspects of veterinary ultrasound.

Helping to increase your confidence and self belief when preparing patients and ultrasound machines.

So, if you want to enhance your role as a veterinary nurse by expanding your skills and knowledge in ultrasound, then join Camilla from First Opinion Veterinary Ultrasound (FOVU) on her Ultrasound Essentials for Veterinary Nurses On-Demand Course.

What you will learn!

This Course has 3 modules of content and this is a brief overview of what you will learn

  • Preparing the patient, client, room, machine and equipment for an ultrasound examination.

  • Understand what machine type you have in your practice, what probes you have available, and which cases they are most useful for.

  • How to set up the ultrasound machine and understand which are the most important settings on the ultrasound machine and what effect they have on the image.

  • Understand the movements and scanning planes of the probe.

  • Be able to understand the language of an ultrasound report.

  • Understand when common artefacts occur.

  • Scanning patients: Indications for abdominal and thoracic focused assessment with sonography for trauma.

  • Probe positions and what to look for.

  • Recognise the abdominal organ systems: liver and gallbladder, spleen, gastrointestinal tract, and urinary tract.

Some important points you need to know.

  • How long is this course and do I get a certificate?

    Upon completion of this 4-Hour on-demand CPD Course, you will receive a certificate to download and keep for your records.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    Great news is that you have lifetime access with your enrolment, so completely learn at your own pace and no stressful deadlines.

  • What do I get with this course?

    This course comes with a set of PDF course notes, and MCQ's at the end to release your CPD accredited certificate for 4 Hours/Credits.

  • How is this course presented?

    Our courses are more than just a webinar.

    You will be taken through easy to digest bitesize chunks of learning, via a series of informative tutor video presented slides.

    Research shows, that online learning knowledge is easier to retain and absorb if video content is used rather than just audio, which is easier to just switch off from and become distracted. This way you can have a human connection to your tutor which is so important.

    So that's what we do...

Instructor Bio


Camilla Edwards

Dr Camilla Edwards DVM CertAVP MRCVS graduated from Vet School in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006. She moved back to the UK and worked for a few years in mixed practice and small animal first opinion practice before spending 8 years in emergency work where she gained her Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice. In 2018 she set up her business First Opinion Veterinary Ultrasound (FOVU) where she travels to vet clinics near Cambridge in the UK scanning dogs and cats. She also offers ultrasound teaching online and in person through First Opinion Veterinary Ultrasound alongside reviews of ultrasound machines

Course curriculum