Who is this course for?

Is this course for me?

It's fair to say that mental health is one of the most prevalent issues we have working in the veterinary industry.

But it can be hard to know how to handle this topic of conversation, you don't want to say or do the wrong thing. Maybe you are even scared to start that conversation yourself.

We are super delighted to be able to provide you with a course that can help you take that positive step in the right direction.

Join our tutor Emily as she guides you and helps give you the confidence to have these conversations.

During her time in clinical practice, she has learned that the most important thing you can do for yourself is to speak up.

Yes, this can seem daunting - but the more you do this, the more confident you begin to feel in communicating your feelings and needs.

Whether you want to learn more about the different mental illnesses, or the impact that mental health has on us and others, this course will provide you with the knowledge and tools to improve your mental health knowledge to look after yourself and others in practice.

The course price has been heavily discounted and subsidised already for you, so this course may assist as many people right now as possible. Therefore, the 25% off discount does not apply to this course enrolment.

However, you can opt to pay over 2 or 3 months and of course you can opt for us to invoice your practice direct!

With every course purchase we will also automatically donate £5 of your purchase to vetlife as a thank you to all the hard work they do to help support our fellow veterinary colleagues in need.

Don't just take our word for it...

5 star rating

Great bundle for beginners

Rose Marie Frendo

I took this course as a part of a bundle and it is very good.

I took this course as a part of a bundle and it is very good.

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What will I Learn?

This Course has 3 modules of content and this is a brief overview of what you will learn

  • Defining Mental Health

  • The Brain and our emotions

  • Contributing factors of Mental Health

  • Different Mental Health illnesses

  • Identifying triggers for poor Mental Health

  • Identifying someone who is struggling and supporting colleagues

  • How Mental Health affects individuals, others, teams and the workplace

  • Practical applications in the Veterinary workplace

  • Prioritising our own needs

  • Accessing help, Mental Health First Aiders and treatments

Some important points you need to know.

  • How long is this course and do I get a certificate?

    Upon completion of this 5-Hour on-demand CPD Course, you will receive a certificate to download and keep for your records.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    Great news is that you have lifetime access with your enrolment, so completely learn at your own pace and no stressful deadlines.

  • What do I get with this course?

    This course comes with a comprehensive course workbook, interactive activities to complete and MCQ's at the end to release your CPD accredited certificate for 5 Hours/Credits.

  • How is this course presented?

    Our courses are more than just a webinar.

    You will be taken through easy to digest bitesize chunks of learning, via a series of informative tutor video presented slides.

    Research shows, that online learning knowledge is easier to retain and absorb if video content is used rather than just audio, which is easier to just switch off from and become distracted. This way you can have a human connection to your tutor which is so important.

    So that's what we do...

Emily Holmes Bsc (Hons), RVN, & Founder of The Empowering RVN

Instructor Bio:

RVN CPD Speaker Emily Holmes BSc (Hons) RVN & Founder of The Empowering RVN

I started my journey in the veterinary industry in 2013 when I embarked on my SVN journey, throughout this time I worked in both mixed and small animal practice. In 2017 I graduated with my BSc (Hons) Veterinary Nursing and moved away from my family home and began my RVN career. After 5 years of working in first opinion in 2018 I took the 'leap' and moved into the world of referral, during this time I have been able to advance my nursing skills beyond my own expectations and continue to challenge and develop my skills on a daily basis. During the beginning of my journey into referral I felt so overwhelmed and so I started my blog Sherlock the Vet Nurse which has allowed me to help myself and others get over that fear and overwhelm and move forward in confidence.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction from Emily

    2. Elevate Your Learning Experience with the New Innovet CPD Thinkific Mobile App (optional)

    1. Workbook & Downloadable Learning Tools

    2. Panic Attacks, Reference Youtube Video

    3. Anxiety versus Panic Attacks, Reference Youtube Video

    4. Module 1; Transcript

    5. Module 2; Transcript

    6. Module 3; Transcript

    1. Module 1: What is Mental Health?

    2. The Amygdala, Reference Youtube Video

    3. The Limbic System, Reference Youtube Video

    4. The Hypothalamus, Reference Youtube Video

    5. The Hippocampus, Reference Youtube Video

    6. Module 1 Quiz

    1. Module 2: The Impact of Mental Health

    2. Module 2 Quiz

    1. Module 3: How to manage our Mental Health

    2. Module 3 Quiz

About this course

  • £49.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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