Honouring the human-animal bond

A discussion with simple and practical tips that can be easily incorporated into every day practice to improve the euthanasia experience for all.

No matter how long you have been in practice, euthanasia is something that never gets any easier. The conversation around this topic can be uncomfortable and distressing for both owners and professionals.

That's why we wanted to find someone who could help you take this topic and increase your confidence when talking about the topic of euthanasia.

Dr. Jocelyn understands first hand how euthanasia can contribute to compassion fatigue, so together with her knowledge and the support from EUTHABAG she has provided a FREE 30 minute CPD to help broach some of the Do's and Don'ts of Euthanasia.

This bitesize CPD and RACE approved course looks at providing tips on how to better take care of our veterinary team and clients during this difficult and painful time, ensuring that we are honouring the human-animal bond at all times.

To release your 30 minute CPD/CE Certificate, there is a short 5 question MCQ at the end for you to complete.

Don't just take our word for it..

5 star rating

A course every vet and vet tech needs

Kristine Ruffner

I consider euthanasia to be one of the most sacred duties I have as a vet tech. It is my job that the pet's passing is as peaceful as possible, and is litera...

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I consider euthanasia to be one of the most sacred duties I have as a vet tech. It is my job that the pet's passing is as peaceful as possible, and is literally a "good death." So when they think of their pet's last moment, it will be a positive memory. (as positive as possible) One thing I would like to see is more recommendations on how to discuss behavioral euthanasia. I am part of a group that is for people who have had to go through behavioral euthanasia - and the EXTREME guilt they feel euthanizing a physically healthy pet. And guilt of waiting too long - often brought on by an attack that caused injury. This is never an easy issue to discuss and the client often experiences trauma that can last years! Fear of being around a dog, and even more, fear of ever adopting another dog (and again not seeing the aggression/attack coming.) I'm so encouraged that every one of the 10 do's I already do. My mom came with me the first time I had to euthanize one of my pets. I was in tech school so I knew what would happen. She did not...and did not say anything to me until after (she was relieved that he wasn't in pain or didn't cry out or thrash around.) From that moment, I was adamant that no client of mine would EVER have to go through that. Instead, knowing what to expect, they could focus on the last moments with their pet. I make sure all "transactions" are completed while we are placing the catheter. And you can often tell how the cremation service handles the body by the person that collects them. I can confidently assure the client that their pet will be treated with the utmost respect from the first moment until they are returned to them (if they choose private cremation).

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5 star rating

the course was very informative

bulelwa mtontsi

Course curriculum

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Dr. Jocelyn Anne Mason

Dr. Mason holds a degree from Ross University, School of Veterinary Medicine. Over the past 16 years she has gained expertise in private practice but has struggled to find a way to make a bigger difference in the veterinary industry. After having performed numerous unnecessary euthanasia’s and developing compassion fatigue, she decided to leave private practice to work for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Centre in Illinois. After moving to Québec in 2007, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years before starting her own company in Pharmacovigilance. In 2016 she decided to join the EUTHABAG family, as their mission to provide respect and professionalism to our beloved animals, their families and the veterinary team, is a concept she deeply believes in. She brings a strong sense of compassion and understanding of the difficulties surrounding the euthanasia process as well as a passion in educating others on compassion fatigue. In 2019 she began lecturing at various veterinary universities on the topics of Compassion Fatigue and Improving the Euthanasia Experience. The rest of her time is spent with her favorite little guy, her 6 year old son.

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