Honouring the human-animal bond

A discussion with simple and practical tips that can be easily incorporated into every day practice to improve the euthanasia experience for all.

A large amount of veterinary complaints are associated with euthanasia. As many veterinary teams were not trained on how to handle the emotional aspect of euthanasia themselves or how to help clients psychologically.

This bitesize CPD and RACE approved course looks at providing tips on how to better take care of our veterinary team and clients during this difficult and painful time, ensuring that we are honouring the human-animal bond at all times.

To release your 30 minute CPD/CE Certificate, there is a short 5 question MCQ at the end for you to complete.

Course curriculum

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    • 10 do's and don'ts

    • Euthabag Quiz


Dr. Jocelyn Anne Mason

Dr. Mason holds a degree from Ross University, School of Veterinary Medicine. Over the past 16 years she has gained expertise in private practice but has struggled to find a way to make a bigger difference in the veterinary industry. After having performed numerous unnecessary euthanasia’s and developing compassion fatigue, she decided to leave private practice to work for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Centre in Illinois. After moving to Québec in 2007, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry for several years before starting her own company in Pharmacovigilance. In 2016 she decided to join the EUTHABAG family, as their mission to provide respect and professionalism to our beloved animals, their families and the veterinary team, is a concept she deeply believes in. She brings a strong sense of compassion and understanding of the difficulties surrounding the euthanasia process as well as a passion in educating others on compassion fatigue. In 2019 she began lecturing at various veterinary universities on the topics of Compassion Fatigue and Improving the Euthanasia Experience. The rest of her time is spent with her favorite little guy, her 6 year old son.