Who is this course for?

Is this course for me?.

If you are an RVN, SVN or VCA working with canine patients or run Senior Pet Clinics and want to inform owners about what is normal and what is not, when it comes to caring for older Dogs. This Bitesize course will be perfect for you.

“Old age” is neither a disease nor a reason not to treat a patient for illness, yet it is a reason commonly cited by clients who are reluctant to treat their senior pets.

As we become better at recognising and managing age-associated issues in companion animals, it is increasingly common to see dogs and cats reaching—and thriving in—their golden years

What will I Learn?

  • How Old is Old?

  • Signs of Pain and underlying Disease

  • Potential Problems

  • Essential Adaptations

Why gaining an understanding of the specific requirements and behavioural adaptations for senior Dogs is so important.

Recognising Senior Versus Geriatric Canine Patients!

The challenge for veterinary professionals is to help owners identify when their senior pet has become geriatric. Ideally, this happens early, when emerging health issues can be addressed and managed to preserve quality of life for as long as possible.

It is vitally important that owners are informed and educated about what is normal and what is not, when it comes to caring for older Dogs.

Senior Nurse Clinics are the perfect environment to do this and give the owner time and thought over how to help their Dog to enjoy their golden years and catch any health concerns early.

Various early signs with owners are often attributed to just 'Growing Old or 'Slowing Down'

Educated owners are successful owners.

How long is this course and do I get a certificate?

Upon completion of this 1-Hour on-demand Bitesize CPD Course, you will receive a certificate to download and keep for your records.

This course comes with a PDF download of the course notes and a multiple choice quiz at the end to release your CPD certificate.

This course comes with lifetime access.

Lisa Hird

Instructor Bio:

Lisa Hird

I have two rescue dogs of my own and I have worked with dogs for over 30 years. Educated to degree level I have a great deal of experience with all breeds, supporting a number of dog rescues. I am joint Principal and tutor for ISCP -The International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour Ltd, delivering training on canine behaviour. I also own Dog Behaviour Clinic, using only force free methods providing the owner with effective management and training skills. I undertake veterinary referrals and work very closely with my own Vets. Creating a fear free, co-operative care experience for dogs is my passion. I do not use cruel or harsh methods. I believe in relationship centred training and being aware of what the dog is saying to us through his body language. We must always consider the emotional needs of the individual dog.

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