Who is this course for?

Is this course for me?

If you are an RVN wanting to develop your knowledge and understanding into effective rehabilitation and nursing of canine patients with Hip Dysplasia, then this 3-Hour CPD will give you the tools to do just that..

The aim of this course is to help guide you in simple rehabilitation methods specifically for patients with hip dysplasia.

Hip dysplasia is one of the most common orthopaedic conditions seen in dogs. There are two general treatment options, Surgical or Conservative. With either treatment method rehab plays a crucial part in reducing pain, improving range of motion, re-educating gait and re-gaining strength. If left Osteoarthritis can often set in and become a long-term problem for the patient.

As Veterinary nurses or Vet’s we are in the best position to implement rehabilitation plans. With any injury or disease, it’s not simply about medicating or treating that one area, there is often a greater impact on the body as a whole and as veterinary professionals it’s part of our job to ensure we rebalance the animal to prevent compensatory issues arising, this is done through pain management, strengthening and improving flexibility.

We are also in the best position to educate owners on diseases such as Osteoarthritis where a multimodal approach is very much needed to achieve the best results.

All our courses include small bitesize videos with an accompanying workbook, so you don't have to write a single word (unless you want an excuse to get your stationary out 😉)

What you will learn!

  • Overview of Hip dysplasia.

  • Reasons for injury, symptoms and how is it diagnosed?

  • Anatomy of the hip and how the injury affects its function.

  • Anatomy of the Hip, the muscles involved and locomotion.

  • Anatomy of the disease / Injury.

  • Surgical management options – Hip replacement, femoral head osteotomy and others.

  • Conservative management of Hip Dysplasia.

  • Pain and exercise management.

  • Monitoring – Pain score, lameness score, Body condition, Stance and gait, Goniometry, muscle mass, owner questionnaire.

  • Rehab plan to include 1- 6 weeks and 6-12 weeks .

Don’t just take our word for it…

5 star rating

Very enjoyable and informative

Lisa Hird

I am not a vet nurse but wanted to learn more as a canine behaviourist. Really informative and very well presented. Would definitely recommend. Thank you

I am not a vet nurse but wanted to learn more as a canine behaviourist. Really informative and very well presented. Would definitely recommend. Thank you

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5 star rating

Very good.

Kiera Atton

Very interesting and well structured. Reminding me of techniques learnt during my degree and developing on these.

Very interesting and well structured. Reminding me of techniques learnt during my degree and developing on these.

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Some important points you need to know.

  • How long is this course and do I get a certificate?

    Upon completion of this 3-Hour on-demand CPD Course, you will receive a certificate to download and keep for your records.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    Great news is that you have lifetime access with your enrolment, so completely learn at your own pace and no stressful deadlines.

  • What do I get with this course?

    This course comes with a comprehensive course workbook, interactive activities to complete and a multiple choice quiz at the end to release your CPD accredited certificate for 3 Hours/Credits.

  • How is this course presented?

    Our courses are more than just a webinar.

    You will be taken through easy to digest bitesize chunks of learning, via a series of informative tutor video presented slides.

    Research shows, that online learning knowledge is easier to retain and absorb if video content is used rather than just audio, which is easier to just switch off from and become distracted. This way you can have a human connection to your tutor which is so important.

    So that's what we do...

Animal Rehab Revolution

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Available at Amazon on Kindle, paperback and hardcover.
Cat lying on a bed with the animal rehab revolution book


Senior Instructor and Resident Rehab CPD Presenter


I am a qualified Animal Physiotherapist & Registered Veterinary Nurse. I have been working with animals since I was 16 where I started as a kennel assistant at a rescue kennels. I then trained in my local practice to become an RVN. I have worked at different practices including the RSPCA Birmingham animal hospital where I gained a lot of experience and even worked on the ITV show Give a pet a home! I shortly went back to private practice and Became a Deputy head nurse where I found my passion for rehabilitation by using class IV laser therapy. Whilst working in this practice I researched the different types of Lasers and set up clinics for primarily Geriatric patients. I became very passionate about rehabilitation and in particular the difference Laser therapy was making to many of my clients and with my own working cocker spaniels. I then decided to pursue a Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy with the college of Animal Physiotherapists. I started to work for Companion Animal health as a product specialist in primarily Laser therapy but also other rehabilitation products and regenerative medicine. I still work for Companion as I have a real passion for teaching practitioner’s how to use Laser successfully but I also bought my own Laser and set up Worcestershire Animal Therapy where I offer a mobile Physiotherapy and Laser service. I also Do some work for Bromsgrove Canine Hydro and Physio where I enjoy seeing many different cases. From time to time I also still Locum in emergency Vet clinics and I teach Animal First Aid. In my spare time I’m also a member of the IAAT Committee to help push the Musculoskeletal industry and I’m fully registered as a RAMP member. I also have a certificate in Feline Medicine and would like to educate further in rehabilitation for feline’s.

Course curriculum

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