Who is this course for?

Is this course for me?

If both using and interpreting the ECG Multi-Parameter machine has your head in a spin, then this gem of a bitesize course is definitely for you.

First off, it is important to Remember, you aren’t expected to be a cardiologist to read and understand an ECG – you just need to know what is relevant to the patient’s anaesthetic and its initial recovery period!

An ECG is a very useful tool in general anaesthesia to allow us to more effectively monitor our patients, as well as helping us to provide a safer, more stable anaesthetic when we utilise this very helpful piece of equipment.

Having a good understanding of the basic anatomy, the normal conduction process and what is abnormal can take some of the stress out of monitoring these patients.

At the end of this course, you will be a lot more confident at using and interpreting an ECG for all patients that are anaesthetised and intubated.

All our courses include small bitesize videos with an accompanying workbook, so you don't have to write a single word (unless you want an excuse to get your stationary out 😉)

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What Will I Learn?

  • The Heart: anatomy refresher.

  • What is an ECG?

  • Clip placements and the Einthoven's triangle.

  • Calibrating and setting up the machine.

  • Sinus arrhythmia, Bradyarrhythmia and bradycardia.

  • Atrioventricular or AV blocks.

  • 1st Degree AV block.

  • 2nd Degree AV block – Mobitz Type I (Wenckeback phenomenon) and Mobitz Type II.

  • 3rd Degree AV block – Total Heart Block.

  • Ventricular Premature Complexes and ventricular tachycardia.

What Will I Learn?


  • Bundle branch blocks.

  • Electrical alternans.

  • Pulseless electrical activity.

  • Common errors and how to fix them.

Some important points you need to know.

  • How long is this course and do I get a certificate?

    Upon completion of this 1-Hour on-demand CPD Course, you will receive a certificate to download and keep for your records.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    Great news is that you have lifetime access with your enrolment, so completely learn at your own pace and no stressful deadlines.

  • What do I get with this course?

    This course comes with a comprehensive course workbook, interactive activities to complete and MCQ's at the end to release your CPD accredited certificate for 1 Hours/Credits.

  • How is this course presented?

    Our courses are more than just a webinar.

    You will be taken through easy to digest bitesize chunks of learning, via a series of informative tutor video presented slides.

    Research shows, that online learning knowledge is easier to retain and absorb if video content is used rather than just audio, which is easier to just switch off from and become distracted. This way you can have a human connection to your tutor which is so important.

    So that's what we do...

Your Instructor(s)

Senior Small Animal Anaesthesia Instructor

Claire Carr DipAVN (Small Animal) DipHE CVN RVN NCert (Anaesth)

My name is Claire, and I'm the Head Veterinary Nurse at Leeds Birstall Vets4Pets, a 24/7 emergency hospital in West Yorkshire. I started in veterinary practice in 2004 and have worked in various practices. I completed my student nurse training at Myerscough College in 2007 and loved nursing in general practice. Anaesthesia was a subject that I enjoyed, but I was aware that there was so much more to learn that I didn't know, so in 2014, I undertook and completed the Improve International Nurses Certificate in Anaesthesia. This gave me a greater understanding of anaesthetic protocols and monitoring, and I developed a thirst for knowledge that I hadn't felt since undertaking my initial nurse training. In 2019, I took the educational leap and undertook the RCVS Advanced Nursing Diploma at Myerscough College, which I completed in February 2022. This gave me an incredible wealth of knowledge utilised every day of my work and encouraged me to begin my BSc (Hons) in Clinical Veterinary Nursing with Myerscough College. When I'm not studying or working, I enjoy spending my free time walking my two English Springer spaniels with my husband John and socialising with friends by going to music events and to the theatre.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to the course and Claire

  • 2


    • Workbook

  • 3

    ECG Course

    • ECG Course

    • End of course Quiz